Ancient Wisdom Rises


photo courtesy of Johnny Slowhand ” The Lord of the Rings”


May these words flow from All that I AM . .

In those moments of waking on the morning of 9.14.14 I saw 3 veins of crystal in liquid form  rising from deep beneath the surface and they were held within 3 distinctly separate rock formations which were emerging as well, they seemed to be showing themselves as if completely hemisected and they formed an arc of sorts, at least from my perspective there was a slight arcing of the rocks, creating an amphitheater type setting.

The veins of crystal were wider underneath the surface of the Earth and became increasingly more narrow as they reached the peak of the rock so there was a conscious symmetry and beauty, the crystal felt to be very mindful of this strong and safe container in which it was being lovingly held and protected and now, revealed.

I then felt that I was part of the crystal ~ at times feeling gaseous then liquid then embodied and then a mighty wind, I also experienced being very centered within my multidimensional consciousness even though to be honest I am not completely sure what that is, I just knew it to be so. I seemed to remain midpoint between the peak of the rock formation and the body of the Earth expanding and contracting, there was a sense that the consciousness of the crystal was being brought back to life. At one point I did have an awareness that there were others there almost in a kind of ceremonial atmosphere but that was not my focus, it felt as though all were there in reverence and support. There were beings of different kinds but again I was not paying that much attention ( which for me in this local awareness is really odd 🙂 ) I remember having an awareness of the richness of cobalt blue, Winged Ones, fire, smoke, dancing and ink.  I don’t have much knowledge of the tradition of shamanism but I had that awareness as well.

Then just before the experience ended I had a sense that the three ‘crystal containers/guardians’ were connected to three States here in the US. . . . Ohio, Michigan and Minnesota ~ I am guessing it is because I was born and now live in Ohio but again, not real sure why these three.  I do remember  that the back of the naturally formed  arc  was mid point between the North West and due North so maybe that is why.

I am relaying this because I have felt a sense of the expansiveness that we each are, of the connection that ties us all together and yet allows us each to experience our connection in our own sovereignty. Looking back upon this experience I feel that the many and varied conscious energies of Earth are ready and willing to assist us in our journey to knowing ourselves in a way that we may have never known fully.

I have heard others relay this knowing and although I had the academic understanding, I did not have the ‘experience’ of this.

My deep and sincere gratitude goes out to all because I know that we each have a valuable gift to offer and it brings me so much joy to know that we will all discover those gifts in the perfection of our connection.

May you be blessed by the beauty of your own knowing.


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