Feel into this moment, into this choice.

There is something Cosmic happening at this moment in time, maybe it has always been happening. Kind of like the question ” If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to witness it, does it make a sound? ” This feels like that.

We are ready to witness this. We are ready to hear ‘the tree fall’.

Open up and allow the Space to inform you, to Love you, to change you. In this Space is Life, is Love. . it is the pure essence of Divinity and it is asking us to experience it, to breathe it in, to accept it.

In truth we have never been apart from this divinity but we have felt as though we were. . oh, the grand illusion that has prevailed for so long. What powerful beings we are, we have gone to Hell ( literally ) and back to arrive at this precious Moment. Breathe that in, if you will.

We are the Creators in this, we have the ability to accept, deny or change this experience.

For today, ask this of yourself. What is my part in this? When posed with the notion that I am able to create what ever I choose, what will I choose?

Choose well dear ones, Choose well.


4 thoughts on “Feel into this moment, into this choice.”

  1. I am ready to make that choice, but it’s interesting to arrive to the moment of being ready to create but having difficulty what I will create. I know that I cannot leave Hell the same way I came in. I am going to think about this question tonight and see where it takes me.
    Thank You,
    E.M. Hansen

    1. My apologies Eric for not responding sooner . . I am just now trying to figure out how to work with WordPress. I have to say when I read your comment late last night, my first thought was this. The mere fact that you desire change and know there is a more whole way to live implies that you are already making that change by your very presence. And that my friend is a good thing 🙂
      Peace and Gratitude,

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